About Us


Providing Quality child care that lasts a lifetime, creating magic with kids


To support the adults in providing a caring, loving and a secured homely environment away from home, for their children, that will provide them with, not only appropriate learning opportunity but also create the magic of nurturing happy and confident children

Our Objective

  • 01 To provide the children with a life long learning experience.
  • 02 To appreciate the individual differences amongst the children as every child is unique and they develop at their own pace.
  • 03 To provide a great start for the children towards developing the love for learning.
  • 04 To nurture children with love and care.
  • 05 To provide individualized care and attention.
  • 06 To encourage exploration with senses.
  • 07 To encourage discovery.
  • 08 To encourage language, social, physical and cognitive development.
  • 09 To enhance children’s natural desire to be life long learners.
  • 10 To ensure parents have the access to the information about the child’s well being while they are at work.
  • 11 To nurture happy and confident children.

Our Philosophy

To provide the children with a life-long learning experience.
Our staff members are encouraged to be active leaders in the field through
continuous training.
A value-centered curriculum is followed.
Communication, cooperation with families and meeting children’s individual needs will be of utmost importance.
The early childhood staff at the center will serve as an integral part of each child’s family by recognizing the need for nurturing and respecting children’s own level of development.
Playing outdoor every day in the fresh air and encouraging the children to respect nature.